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Our Website…

Practicemanagement.ie is a site run by practice managers for practice managers. The aim of this site is to empower you the person managing the practice on a day-to-day basis. What is the role of a practice manager? In each practice this role varies so this site was built with this in mind. We hope we can enhance your knowledge and help you in your daily role. For Example we have added information on GMS and hope to add plenty more as we grow. Have your say and let us know what you would like included in the site, its for you after all!

Feel free to drop us a mail with your thoughts or ideas. Click HERE 

The Practice Diaries…

The Practice Diaries is an exciting addition where each month we interview a practice to give an idea how small and large practices operate their business on a day-to-day basis, so have your fly on the wall experience with a completely different practice to yours.
Please check out The Practice Diaries HERE
We hope you find the site useful and helpful, please feel free to mail us with any other items you would like to see included.

IPMN: Irish Practice Managers Network…

This is Ireland’s only national practice managers network which was formed by a couple amazing practice managers from around the country that started chatting on a text group. The group grew rapidly proving that there is a need for a national Practice Managers Network. Our shared experiences are empowering practices across the country. Here we can share information, documents and advice when needed. Please log in to register on IPMN. Please note you must be part of a GP practice (administrative or medical) to register.