1. My patient has an
    underlying condition and must self-isolate. Can I give them a cert.

Yes, if it is
the doctor’s medical opinion that the patient should self-isolate, he should give
them a 2 week cert. You must tick the ‘other’ box and give them a cert with the
isolation code Z29.0

  1. If after the 2 weeks,
    they still need to be in isolation, can I give them another cert?.


  1. My patient shares a
    house with someone who has the virus/has symptoms or is in the high-risk
    category and has been advised to self-isolate.

As number 1

  1. My patient has just
    come back from Abroad and official HSE advice is to self-isolate. Can I
    give them a cert.

Yes, as number

  1. My Patient has been
    let go from their job because of Covid19. Can I give them a cert?

No. They should
apply for the emergency job seekers payment.

  1. I am writing paper
    cert for my patient but they cannot collect it as they are in isolation.
    What can I do?

You should write
the cert with the correct code and post it straight into the Department. At
Freepost: Social Services, PO Box 1650, Dublin 1

  1. How can they get an

The IB is
available on-line. The Customer can phone our helpline at 1890 800 024 and
request a form. They can also request one from
Or they are available in all our Intreo Offices if a family member can collect.

  1. I want to start using
    eCerts. How do I do this.

ECerts are
available on 3 practice systems. Socrates, Health1 & Helix Practice
Manager. Establish if the surgery used one of these systems. If they do, they
can go ahead and begin using eCerts. There are guides available. These calls
can be given to Fiona or Alan who can advise the practices or take the email of
the practice and we will send them a guide & some general information.


  1. I did an eCert and I’m
    not sure if it went through or not?

You can transfer
these calls to Alan or Fiona in the first instance.

You need to ask
for the customer’s pps number. Key this in on Bomi.

Click on Actions
and look for Medical Claim certificate. Then view medical certificates.

The system will ask you for
dates. You can put in a series of dates & it will show all medical
certicates receieved from that customer.


If they have an ORU number,
you can also look this up under CLAIM, FIND MEDICAL CERT BY CERT ID