The scheme provides for a payment to be made to General Practitioners (both GMS & Non-GMS) who provide domiciliary care for the final phase of the following terminal illnesses:

  • Advanced Cancer
  • Terminal H.I.V
  • Progressive neurological conditions- i.e. motor neuron disease

Both private and GMS patients are eligible for the scheme.
The General practitioner receives a payment when palliative care has ended which is based on the date of the patient’s death (minus tax).

Palliative Care Payment Rates:
The palliative care payment is €223.26

Procedure for claiming payment:
When a General Practitioner commences palliative care he must complete the notification form (green) and forward to the Primary Care Unit at the address below.

When palliative care ends, i.e. on the death of the patient the General Practitioner must complete the claim form (blue) and forward to the primary care unit at the address below.