Practice Support Subsidy Rates as of the 1 st May 2016:
The payment of a subsidy towards the cost of employing a practice nurse and/ or a practice secretary is provided for in DOH circular 5/89.
Payment is made to participating doctors with a panel size of at least 100 patients and payment will increase in the bands of 100 with a maximum payment applicable at a panel size of 1,200. The subsidy rate applies to
those staff employed on a full time basis and for staff not employed on a full time basis payment is made on a pro-rata basis.

GP’s in a partnerships or group practices may aggregate their panels when making an application for a subsidy.However in no circumstances shall a partnership or group practice qualify for a subsidy in respect of more than one practice sectary/ practice manager and/ or practice nurse per contracting doctor in the practice. A GP can be paid a subsidy in respect of both a practice sectary and a practice nurse where the same person carries out both duties. However in such cases the amount of subsidy payable will be appropriate to the hours worked. Practice managers can be employed by group practices by using unused practice nurse allowance but there
must be a nurse already employed by the group practice.

Under the terms of the Over 70’s agreement, all GMS patients over 70 attract a weighting of 2:1 for the purposes of calculating panel size for Practice Nurse / and or Secretary allowances.