Welcome to The Practice Diaries. Each month we will share with you a day in the life of one of our practice managers to get an insight into how they run their practice.

This month we have caught up with Margaret Malone from Dublin 8.

1. How long have you been a practice manager?  

11 years 

2. How long are you working in your current position?

15 years 

3. Which GP Practice software do you use?

We Use Health 1

4. How many staff do you manage at the practice – Partners, medical & administrative?

2 partners 6 medical gps / nurses —2 F/T sectorial reception  

5. How would you describe a single day/week at the practice?

No two days are the same, rule of thumb is to try and have protocols in place to cover all eventualities, as we as practice managers have to wear many different hats!

6. What does your role entail?

Responsible for hiring and training administrative staff in accordance with HR guidelines.

To ensure the practice is compliant with industry regulations.

Manage daily staffing to ensure optimal operation of the practice and regularly review productivity and make staffing adjustments as needed.

Conduct regular staff/management meetings and annual performance evaluations for the administrative team.

Develop and update business strategies, patient services, design and implement practice procedures.

Liaise with GP’S and team to ensure they have necessary support structures in place.

Responsible for accounts payable, payroll, Revenue, IT & Health & Safety

To manage HSE PCRS claiming / reclaiming

7. Do you delegate any jobs to anyone else?

Yes nursing  H&S stock supplies /admin pcrs claiming 

8. What part of your role do you feel you would like more knowledge/training/help with?

HR as always updating and would like to be more in formed and updated to ensure compliance on all levels 

9.Are you involved in the practice annual accounts?

Yes & quarterly management accounts